Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Pick the Right Sterling Silver CZ Rings

In the early days, cubic zirconia in sterling silver rings is available only in one color, which is white. But with the advancing technology comes the new chemical processes that makes production of a wide variety of colors from cubic zirconia possible. The colors are so many and the designs so diverse that sometimes it gets confusing. Unknown to many, cubic zirconia's color represents a character trait matching the personality of the person? It just makes good fashion sense that you wear the gem that perfectly fits your personality.

Which gem fits you perfectly? If you are the type who prefers to be in the driver's seat, someone who feels that he always needs to be alert and sharp then the purple hued amethyst will fit you well. The amethyst symbolizes sobriety. It's perfect for individuals who have the constant need to have a clear mind. The blue sapphire represents honesty and fidelity. This is a fitting stone to combine with silver for engagement or wedding rings. This blue stone, which can normally appear in various shades of blue, is the inspiration behind the phrase "true blue". The red ruby is a gemstone that symbolizes fire and passion, perhaps this is the most exciting of them all. It has been known to topple kingdoms and move mountains.

Sterling silver CZ rings, though only semi-precious, are also being used for healing and influence. Many people may consider it mythical but people testify to its true powers. For example, the jade stone is very well known for enhancing prosperity and good luck. The Chinese stand by this and treasures this green rock that can be found in most of their charms. In old times in the Wild West during a duel some men are given small pieces of turquoise to slip into their pocket for an extra shot of courage. This light blue stone as chronicled by the early Americans mend the spirit and soul, so if you are in pain or perhaps needing some courage for anything that you should do, there would be no harm in having a piece of turquoise on your person to help you.

Sterling silver CZ rings are not only for fashion and beauty but they can also be symbolic of our personality or a mirror of our feelings, our strong suits and weaknesses. Next time you go out to pick a ring consider your choice carefully. Keep in mind that each stone stands for something that you may feel strongly about.

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